Stores that repair screens in Shinjuku have abundant trust and achievements

We will repair screen cracks cheaper than anywhere

Stores that specialize in screen repairs in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku have completed repairs in as little as 10 minutes without erasing data, and have been useful to many customers. In addition to being a means of contacting important people, it is also a terminal that can store a lot of memories and enjoy your favorite music, so we try to return it to you as soon as possible.
Returning the same day is also highly recommended for customers who are stressed by using an unfamiliar alternative while waiting for repairs. We are always open late at night, so if you have a sudden trouble, such as if it breaks in the middle of the night, please bring it with confidence.


IPhone screen repairs are available on the same day in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku

We cope with screen crack of iPhoneX

iPhone X

item Regular price Discounted price
Glass crack repair 23,800 yen 1,000 yen
Battery exchange 9,780 yen 8,780 yen
LCD replacement 29,800 yen 1,000 yen
Submersion repair 8,800 yen 7,300 yen
Apple loop 10,800 yen 9,300 yen
Charge connector repair Necessary consultation Necessary consultation
Camera trouble Necessary consultation Necessary consultation
Speaker repair Necessary consultation Necessary consultation
Back camera lens cover repair Necessary consultation Necessary consultation
Price 2

Sample text

Sample text

iPhone 7

item Regular price Discounted price
Glass crack repair 6,800 yen 5,800 yen
Battery exchange 6,800 yen 5,800 yen
LCD replacement 12,800 yen 11,300 yen
Submersion repair 7,800 yen 6,300 yen
Apple loop 8,800 yen 7,300 yen
Charge connector repair 12,800 yen 11,300 yen
Camera trouble 10,800 yen 9,300 yen
Speaker repair 10,800 yen 9,300 yen
Back camera lens cover repair 8,800 yen 7,300 yen
Q & A

Frequently asked questions from customers about broken screen

Please tell me the nearest station.
Oedo Line / Higashi-Shinjuku Station 2 minutes on foot Fukutoshin Line / Higashi-Shinjuku Station 2 minutes on foot 7 minutes walk from Seibu Shinjuku Line JR Shinjuku Station 10 minutes on foot If you do not know, please fee...
Are you concerned about the leak of personal information?
At the time of repair, we do not touch your personal information in the iPhone at all. It is also possible to request repair with the pass code lock etc. applied. ※ Because the operation check range after repair is limited due to t...
Can I issue a receipt?
We will issue you on the spot when you visit us.
What is the payment method?
・現金 ・クレジットカード ・電子マネー(交通系電子マネーなど) 幅広く、お支払い方法が選択できます。
Why can you make the iPhone repair cheaper?
The iPhone Repair Worker purchases directly from the local parts market. There is no middleman cost, and we maintain the quality and price under our own management.

Access information to the store that can repair the broken screen the same day even at midnight


Store name

iPhone Repair Worker Shinjuku Main Store

Street address

Shinjuku Onuma Building 7F, 2-17-10, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Room 702

phone number
business hours

11:00 to 5:00

Regular holiday





The screen repair shop operating in Shinjuku has excellent staff with sophisticated technology, so you can quickly and carefully repair the broken glass iPhone. The convenient access information to the shop that is familiar to many customers is released on the website, so please use it as a reference when you come.

About us

If you would like to repair your screen in Shinjuku, please visit us once

Shops that repair screens in Shinjuku are characterized by speedy response

Staff with sophisticated know-how and reliable technical skills to flexibly respond to a wide range of customer needs, such as replacing the LCD of the iPhone (iPhone), repairing screen cracks, and responding to submersion in the water. Will help. Attention should be paid to the fact that there is a possibility that the internal state will be worse if you continue to use the iPhone that is working without any problems. We will perform high quality repairs without erasing data that is important to you, such as contact information of family members and friends, photos of memories, etc. So please ask everyone with confidence.
Reliable and proven stores are selling especially quickly, and although it may vary slightly depending on the reservation status, repair will be completed in 10 minutes or less after receiving the iPhone, so it is easy to use You will also be free from the stress of using bad substitutes. It is very popular with customers living in the surrounding area because of the speedy response and the convenience of operating late at night, as well as the reasonable price setting. We will continue to work hard every day to help many customers, so if you are looking for a store that is good at repairing your iPhone nearby, please consider visiting us.

Shops that accept screen repairs in Shinjuku feature a warm atmosphere

In many cases, the iPhone is accidentally dropped while being used, and the screen is broken due to poor hits. Many people continue to use iPhones with broken screens on trains, etc., so it is very dangerous to misrecognize that "if the screen is broken, there is no problem without having to repair it in a hurry". This is because, in addition to the risk of injury to your fingertips, the debris may splatter into the eye in the worst case or lose valuable data on your iPhone.
Stores that are good at repairing screen cracks are confident in overwhelming speed and reasonable price settings that are comparable to other stores. We have a reputation for high quality and warm service from the perspective of each and every customer, and we have earned the trust of customers living in the surrounding area. In order to minimize the burden on customers, repairs are completed in a minimum of 10 minutes after receiving the iPhone and can be returned on the same day, so repairs such as screen cracks and submersion and liquid crystal replacement are possible. If you wish, please leave it with confidence.