Those who are thinking about iPhone repair in Kabukicho!

2021/10/23 blog
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Hello 🤗
iPhone repair worker Shinjuku main store! ️
It is open today from 12:00 afternoon (noon) to 4:00 (28:00) the next day 👍

If you have been using your iPhone for many years,

The symptom of "apple loop"

Some people have never experienced or heard of it

I think you are here !!

This symptom appears when you start your iPhone

The Apple mark (apple mark)

It goes out, disappears, repeats, and does not start

I say the phenomenon 😨

If this happens, you can operate the iPhone

I can't ...

As a cause of apple loops

With software problems (update failure)

There may be a hardware problem (insufficient parts)

If it's a hardware problem, replace the parts

It may be possible to recover 👍

I dropped my iPhone before it happened

If it gets wet and occurs,

There is a high possibility that it will be fixed, so please contact us 😉

In our shop, there are many cases where the apple loop was restored.

Please contact us as there is ☺

We look forward to hearing from you 💪

• Open from daytime to midnight 👍
• Same day repair & same day return 🙆‍♂️
• On-site repair possible 👨‍🔧
• Screen repair / battery replacement / submerged repair etc ...
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with iPhone repair.
Address: 〒160-0021
2-17-10 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Room 702, 7th floor, Shinjuku Onuma Building
📞: 03-6233-8159
Business hours: Afternoon (noon) 12:00 to next day 4:00 (28:00)
Open all year round
We will respond as soon as possible on the same day, so please feel free to contact us.
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