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The store that repairs screens in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku has the advantage of completing repairs on the same day and returning the iPhone to the customer. It is a service that can be used with confidence by customers who want to repair the iPhone but have to leave it for a while, so we recommend that you consult us as soon as possible if you have any problems.
Not only the screen cracking but also the minor troubles such as “I feel the operation of the iPhone is slow recently” will be carefully handled, so please feel free to tell us anything.

If you are looking for a store that can repair your screen on the same day in Shinjuku, please come

If you are looking for a store that can repair iPhone screens in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, please be sure to bring it without hesitation as it is open all night. If the screen is broken, the attractiveness will be reduced by half even if you set a stylish smartphone case or a standby screen, so it is very wasteful.
In addition, if you continue to use the product while leaving the screen cracked, there is a risk of injury and there is a possibility of various adverse effects such as failure of the terminal itself, so we recommend that you repair it as soon as possible. You. At stores with a wealth of experience, we can repair and return the same day for customers who need an iPhone as soon as possible. If there is any defect, we will repair it free of charge within 3 months, so please leave it to everyone.

Please see the access information to the store that accepts screen repair in Shinjuku

The store that repairs iPhone screens in Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho, has earned a lot of trust from many customers. Because they do. In addition, we can respond to requests such as "I dropped my iPhone at midnight and the screen broke, but I want to fix it by tomorrow morning" because it is open late at night.
If the area of the screen crack is narrow, it is easy to think that "this is okay", but if you continue to use it as it is, it is very dangerous because the debris will peel off and may become sharp and injured. That's why if you notice any change in the screen, please refer to the access information of a store that has a 3-month security guarantee system and bring it in as soon as possible.

We do not only screen repair but also cleaning at stores in Shinjuku

When the iPhone is dropped accidentally, there is a great possibility that the screen may be broken if the hit point is bad or the impact is large. We often see people using the iPhone with broken screen in the train, but it is recommended to be repaired as soon as possible it may have various adverse effects if you keep using the broken screen. You The company that is confident for the same day not only repairs the broken screen, but also cleans up the dust and dirt that has accumulated in the iPhone, which is not usually noticed, and returns it. Many words of praise such as "become beautiful" are also received. We always stand in the eyes of our customers, and we are committed to providing high quality services, so please consult us.

Please refer to the collection of questions sent to stores that repair screens in Shinjuku

Stores that undertake iPhone repair have six advantages in order for customers to use the service with peace of mind. The most important feature is "same day repair and same day return" that can be completed on the day you bring it and returned to you. In addition, we provide free repairs within three months if there is any inadequacy in our response, and we have received strong trust in price.
Depending on the reservation status, the repair will be completed in as little as 10 minutes, so it is highly recommended because you are released from the stress that the conventional "iPhone must be repaired and you have to use a replacement machine for a while". Stores that boast a wealth of trust and achievements have posted the most frequently asked questions regarding repairs from customers, and answer them carefully one by one.

Stores that perform screen repairs in Shinjuku are posting daily pictures on their blogs

If you want to fix important iPhone screen cracks quickly, please leave it to a store that can repair in as little as 10 minutes without erasing data. Generally speaking, iPhone repair usually requires using an alternative machine until the repair is completed, but with a service that can be repaired on the same day, you do not feel such stress.
In order to make "iPhone can be fixed right away" common sense, professionals with detailed knowledge of the terminal will respond politely and speedily, so we recommend that you bring it in as soon as possible if you have trouble with a broken screen. As we introduce daily events and the inside of the store on the blog with the intention of wanting customers to know the attraction of the store more, please have a look whenever you are interested.