If you want to repair your screen in Shinjuku, please make a reservation by phone

At a store that provides a screen repair service based in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, we carefully value the feelings of each and every customer and do thorough high-quality work without resetting data. We have received praise from those who are at a loss without taking a backup, so we can recommend with confidence to those who are new.
We also accept various consultations on iPhone, such as slow operation and how much charge is consumed, so please contact us by phone first if you like.

If you request a screen repair in Shinjuku to a store that has a good reputation

Even if you use the iPhone with care, it is common for the glass to be broken by an impact dropped at a momentary moment, so when you get into the symptoms of the screen crack, go to the store that has a solid track record It is recommended that you bring it in. We will bring together the technology we have cultivated while facing each terminal and sincerity, and will achieve high-quality finish while utilizing internal data, so if you are lost at a request for repair, feel free to contact us once Please contact us.
While walking around the city, I see many people who are using the broken screen iPhone as it is, but when it is used in the broken state, it is easy for water droplets such as sweat and rain to get inside and cause more serious breakdowns It is important to deal with it properly. Please contact us first if you continue to use a damaged terminal, as it will be helpful by providing a reliable service with a complete 3 month warranty.

The screen repair shop in Shinjuku has a reputation for speedy response

If you are wondering what to do with the broken iPhone screen, please leave it to a trusted and proven shop that achieves fast repairs of as little as 10 minutes from storage and is popular with many customers. One of the features is that it is open until late at night so that people who are busy during the day and can not easily get the time to repair the terminal can easily visit. It will be returned on the same day so that you can easily carry it at the end of your work and do not use a substitute machine, so it is recommended for those who wish for speedy repair.
Since the iPhone is not cheap at all, in order to use the purchased terminal for a long time, we will seriously meet each customer and provide a satisfying service. In addition to screen cracking, we also support battery replacement and submersion, so please feel free to visit us if you are interested.

The shop that accepts screen repair in Shinjuku will be your sincerity

The screen repair shop in Shinjuku takes full advantage of the abundant techniques and specialized know-how we have polished up in our experience, and takes care of every customer carefully. Because it is an important terminal that is indispensable for private work and work, the service to complete the repair quickly without resetting the internal data is appreciated by many customers, so it is satisfactory when brought into other shops It is also recommended for those who did not get some results.
In addition, it is also compatible with battery replacement flexibly, and it is also one of the pride that we have established a maintenance environment for using an important iPhone for a long time. The store, which also operates in the late-night zone, and considering the inconvenient ones during the daytime, will continue to provide pleasure to many customers through repairs, so the terminal may become unhealthy and battery consumption may be premature. If you feel that, please feel free to contact us.

Please leave the screen repair and battery replacement to the store in Shinjuku

Stores that respond quickly and quickly to the needs of many customers and receive very thick trust, develop services for long-term comfortable use of the terminal, such as repair of broken glass of the iPhone and battery replacement Doing. In addition to high quality and low price, the speed repair for 10 minutes after receiving the terminal is high quality and low price, and the guarantee that the repair cost when there is a defect of parts is free is also fulfilled, and it boasts high evaluation in word of mouth It is highly recommended as it is
Rarely need to initialize the data only if there is a submersion or failure in the infrastructure, but basically it can be returned on the same day as it is, so the iPhone needs to be repaired as soon as possible People are safe too. We aim to provide a service that will satisfy all our customers, and we will continue to grow each day without being satisfied with the current situation, so if you are looking for a store where you can trust the repair of the iPhone, please make a request.


Stores that perform screen repairs in Shinjuku have a lot of trust and experience

We repair screen crack cheaply than anywhere

Stores that specialize in screen repair in Shinjuku have completed repairs in as little as 10 minutes without erasing data and have helped many customers. In addition to being a means of contact with important people, it is a terminal where you can save a large number of photos of your memories and enjoy your favorite music, so we try to give it back to you as soon as possible.
Return on the same day is also highly recommended for customers who are stressed using alternative machines they are not familiar with while waiting for repairs. As we are open without taking a rest at midnight, please bring in with confidence even when sudden problems occur, such as cracking in the middle of the night.