If you do screen repair in Shinjuku, go to a shop with excellent price

If you want to have your iPhone screen repaired in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, please come to a shop that boasts a high reputation in word of mouth through careful customer service and quick response. Only because the important data of the customer is stored, we will realize a high quality finish without clearing the internal information.
Excellent cost performance is also one of the reasons why many customers are pleased, so if you want to find a shop you can go to with confidence, please use it.

Please leave the screen repair and battery replacement to a shop in Shinjuku

A shop that responds to the needs of many customers with a quick response and has a very high level of trust is used to repair the broken glass of the iPhone (iPhone) and replace the battery, etc. We are developing services. The fastest 10-minute speed repair after receiving the terminal is high quality and low price, and the guarantee that the repair cost is free when there is a malfunction of the parts is enhanced. I highly recommend it.
Initialization of data is rarely required only when there is a submergence or failure of the board.However, since it can be returned on the same day as it is basically, it is necessary to repair the iPhone immediately. Those who are also safe. We aim to provide services that will satisfy all customers and will continue to grow daily without being satisfied with the current situation. If you are looking for a store that can rely on iPhone repair and leave it to you, please ask us once.

Shops that repair screens in Shinjuku are proud of their high reputation.

Shops that specialize in optimal repairs for the iPhone generation provide thorough service with excellent cost performance, centering on repairing broken glass. Not only does the glass breakage deteriorate the operability and the iPhone's original performance cannot be demonstrated, but there are many disadvantages such as allowing foreign objects to enter from the gap and causing injuries due to broken pieces, so symptoms occurred Please contact a shop with a good reputation for reviews.
In addition, because it has a sophisticated technology that allows you to restore important memories and important data without erasing them, you can't operate the screen and you don't have a backup environment. Is also highly recommended. We will make full use of our abundant know-how so that customers can use the iPhone comfortably for a long time.

A clear price list is available at the screen repair shop in Shinjuku.

The reliable and proven stores that have developed screen repair services based in Shinjuku are committed to the realization of high quality finish so that customers can request repair with confidence. Since the price for repair is set finely and presented clearly for each generation of iPhone and high quality support can be received at a reliable price, we have received a great deal of trust, so there is a breakdown of the terminal Please feel free to come if you do not know where to put the repair for the first time.
The iPhone is packed with photos of important people, memories, contacts, and other vital data, so one of the store's best things is that you can do repairs without erasing them is. We are proudly looking forward to seeing you at our highly rated restaurant, so please call us if you have an iPhone whose glass has been broken due to an accident.

Please see the access information to the store that repairs screen cracks in Shinjuku

Many stores in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, who offer repair services for iPhone screen cracks, have gained the trust of many customers, not only because of their high-quality customer service, but also because of their speedy response. Because it is realized at a reasonable price. In addition, we can respond to requests such as `` I dropped the iPhone (iPhone) at midnight and the screen was broken, but I want to fix it by tomorrow morning '' because it is open late at night. You.
If the area of the screen crack is narrow, it is easy to think that "this is okay", but if you continue to use it as it is, it is very dangerous because the debris will peel off and may become sharp and injured. That's why if you notice any change in the screen, please refer to the access information of a store that has a 3-month security guarantee system and bring it in as soon as possible.


Stores that perform screen repairs in Shinjuku have a lot of trust and experience

We repair screen crack cheaply than anywhere

Stores that specialize in screen repair in Shinjuku have completed repairs in as little as 10 minutes without erasing data and have helped many customers. In addition to being a means of contact with important people, it is a terminal where you can save a large number of photos of your memories and enjoy your favorite music, so we try to give it back to you as soon as possible.
Return on the same day is also highly recommended for customers who are stressed using alternative machines they are not familiar with while waiting for repairs. As we are open without taking a rest at midnight, please bring in with confidence even when sudden problems occur, such as cracking in the middle of the night.


Access information to the store that can repair the broken screen the same day even at midnight


Store name

iPhone Repair Worker Shinjuku Main Store

Street address

Shinjuku Onuma Building 7F, 2-17-10, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Room 702

phone number
business hours

11:00 to 5:00

Regular holiday





The screen repair shop operating in Shinjuku has excellent staff with sophisticated technology, so you can quickly and carefully repair the broken glass iPhone. The convenient access information to the shop that is familiar to many customers is released on the website, so please use it as a reference when you come.