A screen repair shop in Shinjuku will support you firmly

A shop that undertakes screen repairs in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, and is receiving many customers' pleasure saying "It was good to ask", it is open late at night so that those who are busy during the day can also visit Doing. You can easily drop in at a convenient time, and if you come to the store after making a reservation, you can quickly repair it in as little as 10 minutes from bringing it in, so it is highly recommended.
We will seriously ask you about various problems and breakdowns such as damage to the home button and charging trouble, so please feel free to consult us first.

Shinjuku screen repair shop can respond without resetting data

The most common failure in the iPhone is said to be glass breakage, and many people using a terminal with a crack in the train or bus car are busy, so the shop with a wealth of experience has the power to repair the damaged screen I put it. Although it is thought that the repair of the terminal is accompanied by data reset, and it is necessary to give up the stored photos etc. if it is not backed up, the correspondence with keeping the data by the excellent technology It is highly recommended because you can.
In addition, we cope with cleaning of the internal dirt that can not be found only by using normally, and we will sincerely support you so that you can use the terminal comfortably. The prompt repair service for as short as 10 minutes is familiar to many customers, and we have received so many requests, so if you are looking for a store that you can trust and trust, please contact us by phone first. Please tell me your story.

Please inquire at the shop that is performing screen repair in Shinjuku.

Since the life so far has been engraved on the iPhone, such as games and memories of memories that have been enjoyed with enthusiasm, high quality without removing the important data in the repair of the screen crack of the terminal etc. It is very important to choose a shop that can achieve the finish. Stores that have a solid track record are satisfied not only with the ability to carry out restoration while retaining internal information, but also with sophisticated technology that enables the same day return for a minimum of 10 minutes. I am confident.
Being fully equipped with a three-month warranty is one of the reasons that is well-known to many customers, and we will respond with sincere repair costs when parts are found to be defective. We aim to be a partner to support our customers daily, and we will continue to improve our technology while improving our technology. If the iPhone glass is damaged, please bring it to a store that is compatible with battery replacement and inundation. .

Shinjuku screen repairs are popular because they can be completed in as little as 10 minutes

Shops that repair screens and are familiar to customers living in Shinjuku carefully value each terminal that is full of customers' memories and history, and strive to provide high-quality services that unsurprisingly demonstrate outstanding technology We are. In recent years when it is natural to have a smartphone, it is very inconvenient to have a period during which operation is not possible due to some kind of malfunction, etc. We will continue to.
No matter how much you use it, there is a possibility that the screen may break due to an accidental accident, and a replacement service that can respond to concerns such as the battery being exhausted due to aging and the battery being cut off in less than half a day It is recommended because we also carry out. If you notice a problem with your iPhone, please leave it to a store that has a high level of trust in developing services that value cost performance.

If you request a screen repair in Shinjuku to a store that has a good reputation

Even if you use the iPhone with care, it is common for the glass to be broken by an impact dropped at a momentary moment, so when you get into the symptoms of the screen crack, go to the store that has a solid track record It is recommended that you bring it in. We will bring together the technology we have cultivated while facing each terminal and sincerity, and will achieve high-quality finish while utilizing internal data, so if you are lost at a request for repair, feel free to contact us once Please contact us.
While walking around the city, I see many people who are using the broken screen iPhone as it is, but when it is used in the broken state, it is easy for water droplets such as sweat and rain to get inside and cause more serious breakdowns It is important to deal with it properly. Please contact us first if you continue to use a damaged terminal, as it will be helpful by providing a reliable service with a complete 3 month warranty.


Access information to the store that can repair the broken screen the same day even at midnight


Store name

iPhone Repair Worker Shinjuku Main Store

Street address

Shinjuku Onuma Building 7F, 2-17-10, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Room 702

phone number
business hours

11:00 to 5:00

Regular holiday





The screen repair shop operating in Shinjuku has excellent staff with sophisticated technology, so you can quickly and carefully repair the broken glass iPhone. The convenient access information to the shop that is familiar to many customers is released on the website, so please use it as a reference when you come.