Introducing the new features of iOS 15 that have finally been released ④


Hello 😆
iPhone repair worker Shinjuku main store! ️

Introducing the features added in iOS 15 this time as well!

After all, updating from iOS 14 to iOS 15 has a lot of additional functions ☺

I think that the place you go for the first time often searches for a route on your iPhone and heads for it !!

All apps are easy to use and you probably use your favorite route search app.

Meanwhile, the genuine apple "map" application has been updated to iOS 15 and has been significantly updated.

It's even easier to use, so I'd like to introduce it 😉

First of all, compared to the previous ones, while the amount of information has increased, from the "Select map" button at the top right of the screen

Information to be displayed on the map can be switched according to the means of transportation, such as " details", "drive", and "transportation".

You can reduce noise according to your purpose 💪

This layer switching itself was also in the previous map, but the layers are more subdivided

Thumbnail display makes it easier to understand the purpose and is convenient 👍

In addition, the performance is improved for each layer, and in " Details" , it is better than the default.

It will display a detailed map !!

In "Drive" , the map provides the driver with very detailed road information such as left and right turn lanes, pedestrian crossings and bicycle lanes.

When approaching a complex interchange, you can switch to a street-level perspective,

With a new dedicated driving map, you can see at a glance the accidents and traffic conditions that are currently occurring.

You can reduce "Which one?" While driving 😉

"Transportation" takes in information on public transportation, displays the nearest station and required time, and displays it.

You can also pin your favorite route.

The map app will notify you when the place to get off is near, so you can spend your time with peace of mind 👍

You can also reach your destination while checking step-by-step route guidance in augmented reality.

More detailed information is displayed in 3D display, making it easier to understand the situation 😄

In this way, the genuine apple "map" app has evolved and is easier to use.

Even those who used to use another route search app are still using the iPhone.

If so, why not give it a try?

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