New cards for Apple Pay !!

Apple Pay

Hello 😆
iPhone repair worker Shinjuku main store! ️


This time, I would like to introduce one of the functions of iPhone, "Apple Pay" !!

I think many people are using "Apple Pay",

Some of you may have heard of it 😉

"Apple Pay" is by registering a credit card, SUICA, PASMO in advance.

By holding the iPhone over, you can perform the functions of the registered card on the iPhone.

This allows you to get on a train or bus or shop by holding your iPhone over.

You can save the trouble of removing the card from your wallet ☺

It's a very convenient function, so I think many people are using it.

Not all cards are compatible.

In some cases, the cards that you use frequently are not covered.

There may have been ...


However, two new cards have been added from October 21st !!

There are two, "nanaco" and "WAON" 😄

This can be newly issued from the iPhone application,

It is also possible to transfer existing cards !!

However, if you migrate an existing card, you will not be able to use the card after the migration.

You need to be careful.


This function can be used on iPhone 8 or later (iOS 15 or later).

The procedure for migration and new issuance is not complicated, so if you use the card added this time

If you have an iPhone user who uses it frequently,

How about registering and using it?

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