We will respond faster and cheaper than anywhere else

The store in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku is proud to be able to repair screens cheaper and faster than anywhere else. It is a talented store that can complete repairs in a minimum of 10 minutes from bringing in without initializing data, so we have received many praise from customers who have used it so far.
One of its strengths is that it offers services that are not common in other stores, such as cleaning the terminal and a three-month warranty, so if you like it, please visit us once.

Please leave not only screen repair but also battery replacement to a store in Shinjuku

If various processes are done in the background of the iPhone, there is a possibility that the battery will decrease quickly even if the usage time is short, but if there is a problem with the battery itself, you have to replace it . If the battery of the iPhone is deteriorated, it consumes more power than necessary, and the maximum value that can be recharged is lower than at the time of purchase, causing troubles such as having half a day of full charge at home. .
It is highly recommended that you can respond to broken screens and submerged repairs as well as battery replacement in the iPhone at stores that are capable of repair and return on the same day. We are open until midnight, so please make a reservation on your phone and rest assured that you would like to somehow renew your iPhone's battery by tomorrow.

Quickly repair iPhone screens and submerge repairs in Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku

It is an iPhone that can be used in various ways, such as a means of contacting important people, a camera substitute for leaving memories, or a tool to enjoy your favorite games, but it was accidentally dropped in the bath and submerged Is fatal. Terminals with waterproofing functions and waterproof covers are also increasing, but if something goes wrong, it is necessary to bring them to a store that specializes in terminal repair.
At stores that repair screen cracks and replace batteries at reasonable prices, we will use our expertise and high technical skills to quickly complete repairs even if your iPhone is submerged. In the case of submergence, the shorter the time between repairs after getting wet, the shorter the time it takes to fix it, the more likely it is to be able to fix it, so please consult a store that is open late at night.

Stores in Shinjuku have a reputation for speed in screen repairs

If you are using an iPhone and are concerned that something is going to happen, such as a broken screen or battery expansion, and you are worried that you would like to bring it to a repairer but it takes a long time, repair and return the same day. Please come to the store where you are working. Since we are focusing on speed because we want to make "iPhone can be fixed right away" common sense, we can be useful for customers who want to "want to use iPhone right away".
In addition, there are many cases that iPhone will be initialized and return when it comes to repair, but data can not be basically erased except in the case of submersion or failure of logic board, it can be returned as it is You We have a security system for peace of mind, so please consult us if you have any problems.